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Our “legacy,” which is how we are remembered after we have passed, can be through organ donation and age doesn’t always matter, according to an MSN article “107-year-old becomes Scotland’s oldest organ donor .”

The most common way to leave a good legacy is with a well-thought out estate plan that provides for our families. Some people include charitable donations in their estate plan, which helps out good causes and increases the donor’s legacy, and though organ donation.

Although organ donation is not always thought about in terms of leaving a legacy, it is very much doing so. The person who receives the donation and their loved ones will certainly remember the donor and think kindly of them even though they probably never knew the donor personally. However, many senior citizens who might consider being organ donors think they are too old to do so.

A recent case in Scotland, which is the story of a 107-year-old woman who passed away recently and donated her corneas in a successful transplant, shows you are never too old to donate organs.

Reference: MSN (July 6, 2016) “107-year-old becomes Scotland’s oldest organ donor .”