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Tax Preparation

If you’re looking for assistance in preparing your taxes, you have three choices. You can go with a tax attorney, a certified public accountant or tax preparation software. Your budget, circumstances and needs will point you toward the appropriate choice, and the following information may also help.

Tax Attorneys Versus CPAs

Certified public accountants will have had four years of education at the undergraduate level. Their expertise in bookkeeping, internal auditing and other areas of tax compliance will assist him in tracking your expenses and creating the documentation needed to support your tax returns. They will also have passed exams on accounting and taxation. While these credentials do authorize the CPA to prepare income tax returns, he or she lacks one important feature: the right or ability to litigate a tax case at the federal level. Only a tax attorney can do that.

The tax attorney is well-versed in the legal aspects concerning deductions, tax credits and other tax-related specifics. Thanks to an extensive educational background in the field, tax attorneys will always prepare your tax return with an eye on the potential need to justify its entries to the IRS and, if needed, before a judge. A legal education that has focused on the common-law principles and statutory bases of taxation allow the tax attorney to advocate for clients if any such need should arise.

Tax Attorneys Versus Tax-Prep Software

Despite snappy names and turbo-charged promises, the most efficient software in the world will not eliminate every hassle connected with tax preparation. Doing your taxes this way could take you just as long, and in some cases, it can be even more confusing.

As a tax attorney, I can offer you three things that tax preparation software cannot: expertise, competent assistance and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you haven’t inadvertently submitted a faulty return. You will also know that if any problem should arise, I will be there to represent you in a legal sense.

Tax Attorneys Versus Tax Preparation Services

You may be drawn toward having your tax returns completed by a brand-name corporation, but when push comes to shove, these places may not always have your back. Could they represent you properly in an audit situation? In the event of litigation, will the tax attorney they choose to assign be competent to defend you? With a big-name service, you may never learn the credentials of those with whom you’ll be working, and if litigation should become necessary, you may discover only too late the additional fees they might charge to represent you legally.

When you work with me, you will know these things up front. You will also be able to meet with me on a face-to-face basis whenever the need arises. In other words, you will have complete control over your tax preparation procedure every step of the way.

The Benefits of Hiring a Tax Attorney

The primary goal of any tax attorney is to defend clients against penalties and assessments levied by the IRS. My training in tax law and taxation regulations allows me to fulfill that objective for my clients. The knowledge I have gained allows me to successfully challenge and contest the IRS and any penalties it may attempt to impose.

My training in tax litigation also allows me to anticipate the ways in which the IRS might attempt to dispute your tax return. I will never make assumptions. Instead, I will do the needed research to ensure that any position I take on your behalf is plausible and warranted.

My expertise also extends a benefit to anyone who has miscalculated the amount of a previous tax. If you have overpaid, I can seek a refund. If you have underpaid, I will make every effort to reduce any penalties the IRS may attempt to impose. In addition to obtaining a ruling on your taxation issue, I will offer my written legal opinion whenever it becomes necessary. I also offer paid tax planning services for which my professional expertise is your guarantee of knowledgeable help in this regard.

Personal and Reasonable Tax Preparation

Because I keep my overhead expenses low and lean, the tax-preparation prices I can offer are often lower than those of my competitors. I take pride in passing my business savings on to my clients, and am honored to provide you with a better service on a personal level at a competitive price.

If you want your taxes prepared in an efficient, cost-effective and legally-oriented manner, why not give Heffel Law Firm a try? You’ll be glad you did.

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