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Taking the first steps in planning your future can be very overwhelming and emotional. I want you to know that I am here for you. Hopefully, you will find some helpful information on our website.

There are a lot of great tools, tips, and tricks to protect your assets, reduce your tax liability and provide for your loved ones. Just keep in mind there is no “one size fits all” estate plan. If you don’t find your answers please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

As a veteran of the United States Navy, I take great pride in continuing to serve my veteran brothers and sisters. The Department of Veterans Affairs can be some rough waters to navigate on your own. Just because you no longer wear the uniform doesn’t mean you are without a battle buddy.

California Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption

A qualified veteran who is rated 100 percent disabled, or is being compensated at a 100 percent rate due to an injury or disease connected to service, is eligible for a reduction in property taxes. This is known as a Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption, and is a...

Religion and Your Estate Plan

Religion and estate planning can intersect, according to Wealth Management in "Religion and Estate Planning." One example of this is if you have minor children. You might want to ensure that funds are available for religious schooling if you are no longer able to make...

Planning For Alzheimer’s Is Easier Before Diagnosed

The cost of Alzheimer’s should be taken into consideration in an estate plan, according to Market Watch in “What to know about Alzheimer’s and retirement planning,” because receiving care for Alzheimer’s is more expensive than getting care for other common end of life...

B.B. King’s Estate Faces Lawsuit from Photographer

There often seems to be confusion in settling the estates of celebrities and a lawsuit filed recently against the estate of B.B. King adds his estate to the list as Billboardreports in “B.B. King Estate, Universal Music Sued By Photographer.” King is known to have...
Nicole is truly amazing at what she does. I called her with a rather complex issue, which she took the time to talk me through. She was never in a rush and helped me to understand every angle that I was facing with the situation. She really helped me understand what I was walking into so that I could make an informed decision and explain it to everyone involved. Rachel

Nicole is a uniquely gifted attorney and an all-around pleasant person to be around. As former military and a current professional, I have a certain level of expectation when I invest time or resources into someone. It seemed like every moment I spent with Nicole she was teaching me something. She clearly exceeded my expectations. She was kind when needed and fierce when needed. I highly recommend her. Tyler

My husband and I engaged the services of Nicole earlier this year for two reasons: 1) to create our estate plan document and 2) to help my husband navigate the VA system. We immediately felt that we were in good hands on both fronts. Nicole is extremely competent in both areas. She completed our estate plan in the time frame promised, answering all our questions to our satisfaction and provided the advice we needed. Bertha

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