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By Ben White

Religion and estate planning can intersect, according to Wealth Management in “Religion and Estate Planning.” One example of this is if you have minor children. You might want to ensure that funds are available for religious schooling if you are no longer able to make the check out yourself. You may also wish to make provisions for the development of your minor children’s religious beliefs when they are in the care of the guardian

I get countless calls every day asking me for assistance with filing initial VA Disability Claims. Filing the initial claim is the easy part. Follow this step by step approach to file your claim on your own. eBenefits STEP 1: After logging in to eBenefits navigate to the top left and run your mouse over “Apply” and then down to “Compensation.” Slide over to the right and click on Apply For Disability Compensation. 

There is evidence that people living or working on U.S. Marine Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina between 1953 and 1987 were exposed to contaminated drinking water. This contamination has caused deaths, illnesses and life-altering health conditions for the people that have been exposed. There is a new rule published in the Federal Register on January 13, 2017 that applies to VA Disability Compensation and Diseases Associated

If you are reading this than you are most likely in the military, or know someone in the military, and are more than aware of government processing times. Does “hurry up and wait” sound familiar? The VA is no different when it comes to processing times on your VA Disability Compensation claim. The good news is there are some loopholes that will expedite your claim. If you are on active duty there are three was

Has Sumner Redstone’s Daughter Caused Undue Influence In Regards To The Trust? The Daily Mail has reported a new development in the ongoing court fight over the competency of Sumner Redstone in its article “Sumner Redstone’s granddaughter sues for $6million and seat on family trust after saying her aunt Shari was abusive and even threatened to kill her.” At the bottom of the case is the issue of undue influence and whether Redstone’s

Hospital Staff Must Be Well Versed in Medicare Loopholes Congress has moved to help alleviate problems caused by a quirk in the Medicare admittance law, according to a report in The New York TimesNew Medicare Law to Notify Patients of Loophole in Nursing Home Coverage.” If a patient is formally admitted to a hospital and Medicare rules it was not done properly, there is no reimbursement for the bill. Because of this,

The cost of Alzheimer’s should be taken into consideration in an estate plan, according to Market Watch in “What to know about Alzheimer’s and retirement planning,” because receiving care for Alzheimer’s is more expensive than getting care for other common end of life conditions. In reality, however, it is extremely important that estate planning does not stop at determining the distribution of your assets because a big part of estate planning is also

Our “legacy,” which is how we are remembered after we have passed, can be through organ donation and age doesn’t always matter, according to an MSN article “107-year-old becomes Scotland’s oldest organ donor .” The most common way to leave a good legacy is with a well-thought out estate plan that provides for our families. Some people include charitable donations in their estate plan, which helps out good causes and increases the donor’s

There often seems to be confusion in settling the estates of celebrities and a lawsuit filed recently against the estate of B.B. King adds his estate to the list as Billboardreports in “B.B. King Estate, Universal Music Sued By Photographer.” King is known to have fathered at least 15 children by 15 different women. It is going to be difficult to sort out who gets what. With that battle underway the last thing

retirementMost estate planning attorneys suggest people review their estate plans every couple of years to make sure the plans continue to meet the needs of the person’s current situation and goals. At a minimum, attorneys advise that any significant life changing event should trigger an estate plan review and possible update. Retirement is a significant life changing event and a good time to review your estate plan

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