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Nicole Heffel

Nicole HeffelNicole Heffel is a San Diego based attorney focused on providing her clients with a comprehensive approach to their estate planning needs.

She was inspired to go in to estate planning after learning that her grandmother’s estate planning attorney left out critical elements that left her grandmother vulnerable and unprotected. Nicole learned the importance of what a well-developed, implemented and maintained estate plan can do for a person not just after death but during their life as well.

Her thirst for more knowledge on estate planning led her down the path of financial consulting. She realized that a properly developed estate plan doesn’t start at death. Nicole believes that planning from “today until death and then from death on” is the key to protecting an individual’s assets and preserving their legacy.

As a Navy veteran, Nicole lives the core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. She produces exemplary work backed by her passion for what she does and her dedication to her client’s goals.

Outside of her estate planning work, Nicole is dedicated to serving her brothers and sisters in the veteran community.

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